MWFA Street Stock Challenge


This class was created to have fun and fun for the fans to watch ( Total Carnage). If you come with a vehicle that is built any more than what is listed below you will not run.

  1. Any 1980 and newer 2 wheel drive passenger car / mini van / mini truck / mid size SUV.  If the vehicle is 4WD you must make vehicle 2 wheel drive only. No 4 wheel drive. AWD vehicles ok.

  2. All vehicles must be stripped off all plastic, glass, headlights, taillights and anything else that could fall off onto the track during the show.

  3. All vehicles must remain stock, ABSOULTY NO WELDING ANYWHERE.

  4. Bumpers must be remain stock, do not alter bumper in anyway. Factory bumper shocks must remain in factory location. You may remove rear bumper and shocks. There is no welding to be done on bumpers. Plastic bumper covers MUST be removed.

  5. Batteries may be left in stock location and spray foam may be added around battery. You may also move battery to passenger floor or seat. Please make sure battery is not moving.

  6. If factory gas tank is in front of axle you may leave it there. If it’s behind the axle, you MUST move it to the rear seat area and use a after market tank. Tank must be bolted to floor with bolts and washers

  7. All doors may be wired or chained in 6 places max per seam.

  8. Trunks, hoods, tailgates, all maybe wired or chained in 6 places total. Sheet metal to sheet metal only. Nothing to frame or bumpers. If you remove trunk or tailgate you lose that wire or chain.

  9. Rear seat bar may be added. It may be welded to post. If you have to add something to get it away from seat. Add just what’s needed. No extra. This is to stop sides from coming in, not to help ant other part of the vehicle.

  10. Drivers door only may have a plate welded to the outside or inside . This is for driver safety.

  11. DOT tires only. Stock wheels only. All wheel weights must be removed. Only tubes and air are permitted inside tires.

  12. ONE window chain or 9wire REQUIRED in center of windshield from roof to cowl. 

Theses rules are cut and dry, you should not have to call to ask many questions on this class. If it does not say you can do it then that means YOU CANNOT do it. Quick and easy build .

For questions call Ryan Fisher 570-764-5440