8 of Destruction / Oval of Destruction

Drivers must be at least 16 years of age. 16 and 17 year old need to have a signed consent waiver
by parents or guardian to participate. Drivers must furnish his/her own car. All drivers and pit
crew must sign a liability waiver and purchase a pit pass before entering the pit area or track.
All drivers must attend the driver’s meeting prior to race time. No drugs or alcohol will be
permitted in the pit area. Any person in the pit area suspected to be under the influence of
alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to compete and will be asked to leave. NO REFUND.
Unsportsmanlike conduct from drivers or spectators could result in ban or suspension from


Drivers are required to wear a DOT approved helmet and safety glasses or goggles. Drivers must
wear full length pants. Must wear footwear that completely covers feet. Please also wear
gloves for hand protection. Safety is our first priority while on the grounds. There will be zero
tolerance of any unsafe acts. Misconduct of a driver or crew member can disqualify the driver
and car from the event. All decisions of the judges are final.

1. Cars allowed any year 4 cylinder front or rwd cars. V6 cars must be fwd no rwd cars.
2. All glass and interior must be removed.
No windshields.
All bumper covers must be removed.
Any and all exterior trim or potential debris hazards must be removed.
All air bags must be removed.
4 point cages with halo recommended but not required.
3. Optional fuel cell may be installed in rear seat area.
Stock gas tanks must be 9 wired or chained around tank and floor (1/4 “ diameter chain
minimum) in 2 spots required *no dog chain*.
Must be tight and secure.
No factory tanks inside cars.
Fuel cells must be secured to floor or cage with bolts. No zip screws.
Must be leak proof.
4. Exterior rub rail mandatory on drivers door.
Rub rail 4” minimum ¼” thick ( C channel, plate, etc.) welded or bolted to the car.
Must extend past the drivers door seams no further forward of front fender or past rear
Must be no higher than 26” from the ground to top of rub rail
*if it falls off automatic disqualification*
May have equivalent rub rail on passenger side doors.
Rub rail must be cut at 45 degree angle on both ends.
5. Doors must be securely fastened. Driver and passanger door must be painted white
6. Hood / trunk can be secured in 4 spots with 9 wire or chain. Minimum 2 strands of 9
wire and minimum thickness of chain ¼”.
7. May move all electronics to safer locations and hot wire push start.
8. Any tire or ply rating may be tube or doubled, air only.
Wheel weights must be removed.
Tire sidewall protectors ok.
9. Stacks permitted through hood.
Mufflers and converters maybe removed but exhaust must be extended beyond the
drivers seat and should exit out one side.
10. Hoods must have a 6”X6” hole cut in for fire access.
11.The OEM factory bumpers only.
bumpers must be 9 wired to body or (1/4” diameter) chain *no dog chain* chain may be
welded onto the body of car.. ( must be tight)
If plastic or fiber glass bumper call Jeff Dauberman (570)-419-6548
12. Sun roofs must be covered with metal.
13. Battery may remain stock or be relocated to passenger floor board.
Must be secured with bolts no zip screws.
Must have a rubber mat over it.
14. 2 windshield bars mandatory up to 2” wide and 1/4” thick ( May have chicken wire or
equivalent to) or two strains of 9 wire tightened in 2 spots.
15. Tie rods may be welded and reinforced.
16. Suspension must move freely. Factory soft suspension.
17. No extra welding or reinforcing of car other then what’s stated in the rules.
18. Roof sign painted white is reqired for car number.
19. Car number will be given out at track.

Any questions call Jeff Dauberman 570-419-6548